MasterChef, the TV Experience

Dream to Reality

MasterChef, the TV Experience, visionary – Duncan Fraser-Smith, Vice President of Food & Beverage, The First Group.

It all started several years ago after watching an episode of MasterChef Australia Season 8.

The one thing that had always enthralled me about

this particular program was the way it connected with its audience on an emotional level. It was that night that I woke up at 2am in the morning a wrote down on a notepad next to my bed “MasterChef restaurant?”

To be fair it was another 3 months until I saw this unique location, underdevelopment by The First Group, perfectly located in a hub of both commercial, residential and tourist destinations in the heart of Dubai Marina, that I decided if, I was going to make this a reality, now was the time.

Masterchef contestant making noodles
Masterchef restaurant Dubai interior

My first thoughts ran to the simple fact that this must have already been done by someone, or there must be an existing restaurant somewhere In the world and that we would then need to see how best to secure rights to its concept.

The next step was to contact Endemol Shine Group, the brand owners and creators of MasterChef globally, and ask the question. To my surprise it had not been done, and from that moment started an amazing partnership that has resulted in bringing MasterChef, the TV Experience to life.

This was a truly inclusive process, whereby my initial idea was to create a dining experience whereby guests can taste those dishes that have won MasterChef competitions from all over the world, truly understand the reactions of the judges & guest judges, and ultimately taste dishes that go from the ordinary to the extraordinary.

Ultimately, I wanted to create an authentic and relevant experience that wasn’t gimmicky, but conveyed the emotional experience felt by both competitor and fans during the cooking challenges. Yes, we do have the MasterChef Clock in the restaurant, and yes, we do have the signature Mystery Box dining experience, but above all else I wanted to have a menu that stood up against the best in the world, curated by home cooks whose passion for food translated onto the plate.

Through a series of international roadshows, we brought former MasterChef finalists and Champions together around a large table and built up a recipe vault of over 130 dishes, whilst at the same time forming a strong global alumnus of these amazing individuals. The people will also partake in weekly residencies in the restaurant showcasing their hero cuisines each year.

The key pillars of creating something that honored the reputation of this incredible global brand, matched with an authentic dining experience that captures the emotional connection with the journey the contestants undertake, through to the execution of these incredible dishes, showcases that you can take a dream and turn it into reality.

I could not be more proud of what we have achieved here and look forward to welcoming you to MasterChef, the TV Experience.

Our Vision


MasterChef is about the emotional connection through food

it’s the passion for cooking at all levels of expertise, at all ages and all cultures. On the show, contestants, who are amazing self-taught cooks share their stories and experiences through food: childhood memories, flavors they grew up with, stories about their lovedones. At the Restaurant the aim is to engage guests emotionally through the combination of the MasterChef story delivered on a plate.

We want to be the ultimate market leader in providing the BEST quality in everything we do.

People waiting to be served at the Masterchef restaurant Dubai