MasterChef, the TV Experience
Champion’s Name:

Elena Duggan

MasterChef Season 8 Champion
Residency dates

18 - 20 February

Many happy childhood memories for Elena revolve around food. From cooking with her beloved nan as early as two, she was preparing entire meals by the age of eight. Blessed with artistic talent, cooking and art go hand-in-hand for Elena and she uses both to express her creativity.

Since winning MasterChef Season 8 in 2016, she has been part of several charity organizations such as FebFast and Cancer Council Australia and is continuing her mission to inspire and educate to find sustainable healthy and flavor-rich ways of incorporating food into their lives. Elena would love to own a farm café, partnering with young people and the wider community.

She is currently hosting My Market Kitchen, a national television show featuring the freshest modern Australian cuisine. She also continues to do live cooking demos and promoting her healthy gluten free lifestyle on her website

Prior to her Dubai residency, she will be participating alongside previous MasterChef Champions at the Global Restaurant Investment Forum (GRIF) in Amsterdam.

For her three-day residency, a specially curated menu will be available featuring her favourite dishes such as Octopus, Mandarins, Oregano and Olives for starters, Duck Magret with Muscat grapes, verjuice and sunchoke hummus for mains and a delicious dessert of figs with chocolate, wattleseed and macadamia.

Her limited-seat masterclass will be held on Wednesday, 19th Feb from 5pm followed by dinner with Elena herself

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